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Advantages of Investing in a PLUS Finance

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A plus finance is a French-based investment company specialising in the creation, management and structuring of Alternative Investments Funds. A plus in French means ‘addition’ or ‘additive’. This investment firm was founded by Dominique Rouchy, France’s most innovative economy investor, in 1998. The main aim of the company was to create more demand and supply of risk capital in the financial markets, driving down the costs of risk in Europe.


The company has gone through significant evolution since then, acquiring leading investment banks to continue to build its presence in international markets. A plus today have invested in a wide range of countries across Latin America, Asia, Middle East and Europe. In Europe alone, it currently holds stakes in four European investment funds: Gransbank, Sante Fe, ERBA and Unicredit. The company now holds more than 8 billion Euros in investment funds.

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A plus in French also stands for investment funds and therefore a French company will generally have its own investment funds. In addition, PLUS funds provide exposure to emerging markets and emerging industries. The company will then purchase shares from these companies for resale to end users. However, shares are purchased in different stock exchanges, depending on the investment objectives.

A plus provides a lot of flexibility. It is a perfect investment vehicle for raising large sums of capital, utilising leverage. Leverage can be further increased when additional investments are made into the fund. Moreover, A PLUS provides a degree of diversification from other investments in terms of underlying assets and risks. One can thus use A PLUS as a vehicle for raising funds for more than one purpose. For example, one may use this fund for short-term requirements such as working capital and operational costs.

A PLUS provides access to a diversified set of products. This is particularly useful if an initial investment is very large and one wants to raise finance for other purposes apart from the initial investment. A PLUS finance can thus meet all investment fund needs. This therefore gives one the opportunity to raise finance despite the risks associated with such undertakings.

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A PLUS provides a good platform for the raising of investment funds by providing a variety of products. These include products based on fixed income securities, equity, and derivatives. Fixed income securities include bonds, shares, and treasury bills. Equity includes common stocks and preferred stocks. Derivatives include financial instruments including interest rates and foreign currency exchange rates. Finally, A PLUS provides a credit facility that is both attractive in terms of the size of the credit facility and the rate at which it is invested in order to increase return on investment.

A PLUS provides access to the market for a higher degree of safety. The fund contains a lower degree of credit risk than many other types of funds and therefore offers higher returns. The degree of credit risk relates to how much the fund has in total invested. A PLUS finance does not contain any credit risk as the balance in the fund is always held in a single cash position. The fund manager therefore reduces the degree of credit risk by liquidating the cash position when the fund generates positive cash flow. This ensures that only the interest earned by the fund is invested in assets and hence reduces the risk of loss and thus generates higher returns.

A PLUS provides excellent flexibility in terms of investment opportunities. It is also open to a wide range of investments in all asset classes. One can diversify across asset classes to improve returns. There are no restrictions on the types of investments in a PLUS finance. In addition, a PLUS finance is not committed to any one sector of the market. The fund can be aggressively diversified across many asset classes over time to reduce credit risk and increase returns

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